How to receive high rank in Overwatch

The article is devoted to the network game and basically how to take a high rating in the competitive game Overwatch. I will not say anything unimportant but just share my experience. After all, experiments with attempts to “climb higher” were carried out three times. But how successful you will find out further 🙂


What is a competitive game in Overwatch?

For a start, it is worth describing the mode and principle of the game in it. Many played even a few seasons, continue to ask stupid questions and stumble upon old rakes. This can not be allowed if you are faced with a clear goal: to get on the TOPs of the list of players and take a high rating in a competitive game.

The competitive game in Overwatch is the mode in which you get points for winning and losing points, moving you along the positions of the list. Before you get into such matches, you go through qualifying matches – 10 games in a row, by which the system determines how many to reward you, in order not to accidentally stick to the pros or not to push too low.


Important! In qualifying matches, the system looks at your performance in battle. But for some reason, a higher rating on the calibration give DD (causing damage) and hybrids (treating and causing damage). To immediately take a higher rating on qualifiers, first try to get the most rewards in battle. This is a sure sign of success, for the system, of course.

How does overwatch ranking system work

After qualifying, you are included in the power struggle of the position. Each defeat lowers you to the unknown to anyone and always a different number of points and each victory increases. The number of points given and taken away is kept secret. One squad member can give more, and the other less. The reasons for such extravagance lie in the calculation of the effectiveness of a fighter in a fight.

If you often die and you are not showered with medals at the end, the system will consider you less worthy. For this reason, even if you lose often, but play well (best of all in the team), you automatically get fewer points for a defeat. Well and vice versa.


Unfortunately, this does not help those who play on the healer heroes. If they are focused and do not give work, the system will consider you as a weak player and with the defeat will remove the most points. Although, for the most part, the killed heal is a “tactical mistake” of the tank and dd, and not the heal itself.

Important! Blizzard is not sharing the scoring algorithm and other hidden calculations. However, experience shows that they (hidden calculations) are definitely available. The best option: to be productive, so as not to be out of the mercy of the system.

The rating system splits all players into classes: low, above low, medium, above average, high and highest. Such classes are assigned a value that selects players in combat when searching for a match. Although, in fact, this convention. You can easily see in the group and those who have not even received the 100th level, although you have all 500. The thing is that the competitive game is a separate mode with its own stat. When combined into groups, the overall rating, according to the results of the qualifiers, is averaged among all members of the squad.


Here I will stop the first part of this guide, but if you really interested in overwatch placement boost then stay with me and leave comments below! Cya in the second part!

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